TS2 Enhancer

TS2 Enhancer 2.0

A character editor for editing attributes related to each in your The Sims game
2.0.1 (See all)

-View characters in the game including the NPC (Non Playable Character) characters.
-Backup and restore neighborhoods. Each one dated for reference.
-Change Neighborhood Name, Description, and associated image.
-Edit Household Name, Description, and Money
-Change Character First Name, Last Name (Family Name), and Description (Bio).
-Change days remaining for Characters current life stage
-Increase/Decrease Character Fitness and Gender Preferences.
-Change Personality
-Adjust Skills
-Increase/Decrease Interests
-Aspiration Reward Points
-Job, School, and Retired Job
-Increase/Decrease relationships (Friend, Crush, Short Term, Long Term, etc.)
-View Family Trees.

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